Under the cloak of midnight, a musical inspiration struck me, and I channeled its energy into the creation of a mesmerizing synthwave track that would elevate any driving experience. Taking it up a notch, I complemented the sonic soundscape with a stunning synth-wave artwork that prominently features the iconic CN Tower, a symbol of Toronto's grandeur and urban mystique. With these elements fused together, I have crafted a transcendent piece that is both sonically and visually captivating. 🟣

The Visual Mission

Lol so I blew my massive earnings of $2 from my last Spotify release on this epic video! I mean, it took me a whopping two weeks of design and editing to bring this bad boy to life. Let's just say, my dance moves aren't exactly award-winning, but when it comes to vibes and visuals, I'm your guy. So come on, grab your popcorn and get ready to be dazzled!